Toy Poodle Information

If you are looking for toy poodle information, you are in luck. Read on to learn all about the toy poodle and why it is such a popular dog.

Nobody knows exactly where the poodle originates, except that it comes from somewhere in Western Europe or perhaps Russia. It has, however, been adopted by the French as their national dog and is loved the world over by ‘poodle people’. The toy is the smallest of the poodle family, weighing between six and nine pounds.

Toy Poodle Information to Make You Smile

There is no doubt that most poodles are lovely to look at, but there is much more to a poodle than mere beauty.

  • Highly intelligent. Poodles are extremely smart dogs. They are considered to be more human than dog by the people that own them.
  • Personality. Poodles have loads of character and they like to be the centre of attention. They are born entertainers and can perform astonishing feats of agility. They can jump surprisingly high for their size.
  • Mind readers. Some people believe that poodles are telepathic because of their uncanny ability to read body language and anticipate what you want.
  • Eager to please. A poodle is very alert and responsive. He loves to play, especially in water. The name poodle comes from the German word ‘pudel’ which means to splash in water. Poodles were bred to be water retrievers and retain many of the original instincts that made them such good hunting dogs.
  • Love to be loved. Poodles are affectionate and love a good cuddle. They make excellent companion dogs for single people but are also very good family pets. They prefer human companionship to that of other dogs, even other poodles, because poodles don’t know that they are dogs.
  • Great watchdogs. Poodles make good watchdogs and are loyal and protective over their family. They will bark loudly at any intruder or stranger but they are not aggressive dogs. In fact they have very balanced personalities.
  • Toy Poodle InformationLove rides. Toy poodles love to ride in cars so transporting them is never a problem. They have an adventurous spirit and will go with you wherever you go.
  • Constantly growing coat. The fur on a poodle grows very quickly but despite this fact they do not shed very much hair. It tends to get tangled up in the coat instead of landing up on the furniture. This allows you to sculpt and clip a poodle’s coat into a moveable work of art.
  • Rugged athleticism beneath the fur. Poodles may look demure and dainty on the outside but they are actually strong, muscular dogs with great stamina and athletic abilities.
  • Active and energetic. Toy poodles might be small but they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They can misbehave if they get bored but are not very destructive.

I hope all this toy poodle information has been helpful and has given you some interesting reading on this amazing little furry ‘person’.

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