Poodle Types and Mixes

Poodles are beloved the world over and lately many poodle types and mixes have emerged. Known as designer dogs and hybrids, these mixes seek to combine the intelligence and cheerfulness of the poodle with traits from other dogs.

Hybrid dogs are generally healthier than purebred ones because the gene pool is larger. The look and character of offspring from two purebred dogs is impossible to predict.

Common Poodle Types and Mixes

The following is a list of the most common poodle types and mixes available.

    • AffenpooAffenpinscher cross Poodle
    • Airedoodle.  Airedale Terrier cross Poodle
    • Aussiedoodle.  Australian Shepherd cross Poodle
    • Bassetoodle. Basset Hound cross Poodle mix
    • Bernedoodle. Bernese Mountain Dog cross Poodle
    • Bich.poo. Bichon Frise cross Poodle
    • Bolonoodle. Bolognese cross Poodle
    • Bordoodle.  Border Collie cross Poodle
    • Bossi.Poo. Boston Terrier cross Poodle
    • Boxerdoodle.  Boxer cross Poodle
    • Broodle Griffon. Brussels Griffon cross Poodle
    • Cadoodle. Collie cross Poodle
    • Cairnoodle. Cairn Terrier cross Poodle

Poodle Types and Mixes

  • Cavapoo. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Poodle
  • Chi.Poo. Chihuahua cross Poodle
  • Chinese Crestepoo. Chinese Crested cross Poodle
  • Cockapoo. Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle
  • Corgipoo.  Corgi cross Poodle
  • Doodleman Pinscher. Doberman cross Standard Poodle
  • Doxiepoo. Dachshund cross Poodle
  • Eskapoo. American Eskimo Dog cross Poodle
  • English Boodle. English Bulldog cross Poodle
  • Foodle. Poodle cross Toy Fox Terrier
  • Foxhoodle. Fox Hound cross Poodle
  • Giant Schnoodle. Giant Schnauzer cross Standard Poodle
  • Goldendoodle. Golden Retriever cross Poodle
  • Irish Doodle. Irish Setter cross Poodle
  • Irish Troodle. Irish Terrier cross Poodle
  • Jack.A.Poo. Jack Russell Terrier cross Poodle
  • Labradoodle. Labrador Retriever cross Poodle
  • Lacasapoo. Cock.A.Poo x Lhasa Apso
  • Lhasapoo. Lhasa Apso cross Poodle
  • Malti.Poo. Maltese cross Poodle
  • Miniature Aussiedoodle. Miniature Australian Shepherd cross Miniature Poodle
  • Miniature Goldendoodle. Golden Retriever cross Toy or Miniature Poodle
  • Miniature Labradoodle. Labrador Retriever cross Toy or Miniature Poodle
  • Newfypoo. Newfoundland cross Poodle
  • Papi.poo. Papillon cross Poodle
  • Pekepoo. Pekingese cross Poodle
  • Pinny.Poo. Miniature Pinscher cross Poodle
  • Pomapoo. Pomeranian cross Poodle
  • Poo.Shi. Poodle cross Shiba Inu
  • Poo.Ton. Coton De Tulear cross Poodle
  • Poochin. Japanese Chin cross Poodle
  • Poogle.  Beagle cross Poodle
  • Poolky.  Silky Terrier cross Poodle
  • Pootalian. Italian Greyhound cross Poodle
  • Poovanese. Havanese cross Poodle
  • Pugapoo. Pug cross Poodle
  • Pyredoodle. Great Pyrenees cross Poodle
  • Rattle. American Rat Terrier cross Poodle
  • Rottle. Rottweiler cross Standard Poodle
  • Saint Berdoodle. Saint Bernard cross Poodle
  • Schipper.Poo. Schipperke cross Poodle
  • Schnoodle. Schnauzer cross Poodle
  • Scoodle. Scottish Terrier cross Poodle
  • Shar.Poo.  Shar.Pei cross Poodle
  • Sheltidoodle. Sheltie cross Poodle
  • Sheepadoodle. Old English Sheepdog cross Standard Poodle
  • Shepadoodle. German Shepherd cross Standard Poodle
  • Shih.Poo. Shih.Tzu cross Poodle
  • Siberpoo. Siberian Husky cross Poodle
  • Skypoo. Poodle cross Skye Terrier
  • Springerdoodle. English Springer Spaniel cross Poodle
  • Standard Schnoodle. Schnauzer  cross  Standard Poodle
  • Terri.Poo. Australian Terrier cross Poodle
  • Ttoodle . Tibetan Terrier cross Poodle
  • Weimardoodle. Weimaraner cross Poodle
  • Westiepoo. Westie cross Poodle
  • Whoodle. Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier cross Poodle
  • Wire.Poo. Wirehaired Fox Terrier cross Poodle
  • Woodle. Welsh Terrier cross Poodle
  • Yorkipoo . Yorkie cross Poodle

There are also three way poodle types and mixes, such as:

  • Petite Goldendoodle . Golden Retriever cross Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle
  • Petite Labradoodle . Labrador Retriever cross Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle

and even very complicated poodle types and mixes that cross hybrids with hybrids to produce  such delightful sounding names like the Double Doodle, which is a cross between a Goldendoodle and a  Labradoodle.

Hybrids and designer dogs come in a dizzying array of combinations. Poodle types and mixes ensure that we will always have an abundance of variety in dogs.

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