Poodle Training Tips

Owning a poodle already puts you a few steps ahead of the crowd as far as training goes, but a few poodle training tips won’t go amiss.

The poodle’s innate intelligence makes it one of the easiest dogs to train. It also presents a few challenges that are unique to this breed. An untrained poodle can become destructive because it needs an outlet for its energy and creativity. Poodles have a reputation for being snappy and neurotic but you can prevent this with proper training.

Poodle Training Tips To Remember

Poodles are naturally curious, enthusiastic and eager to please. Taking advantage of these traits will make training easier and more rewarding.

  • Start early. Whether you realize it or not, every interaction with your dog contributes to its training. Don’t put training off for some future date, but begin as soon as you get your puppy.
  • Be positive, stay positive. Poodles respond beautifully to positive, reward based training. They don’t necessarily need treats, but they do need praise and encouragement. They are extremely good at interpreting body language and tone of voice. You never need to shout or scold because a poodle will know instinctively when you are upset or displeased.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Poodles love to learn new things and get bored with endless repetition and monotony. Once you have the basics down, play games like hide and seek, fetch and retrieving.
  • Short, fun and challenging. Keep these three things in mind when training, especially with a puppy. Training is an on-going activity that needs to be kept fresh and exciting for both you and your dog. If it becomes unpleasant or more like a chore your poodle may well become unresponsive.
  • Poodle Training TipsPuppy classes. It is important to socialize a poodle early to get them used to other dogs and people. One of the best places to do this is in the controlled environment of puppy training classes. There you will pick up more poodle training tips and tricks.
  • Potty training. Successful potty training requires vigilance on your part, as well as patience. A crate makes things easier but must be used judiciously and not as a place to banish the puppy.
  • Leash training. Poodles need a fair amount of exercise and daily walks, so leash training is a must. Start by putting a collar on for a few minutes at a time to let your puppy get used to the unfamiliar feeling. Move to the next step by attaching the leash, but don’t try to lead the puppy yet. After a while you can pick up the lead and encourage the puppy to follow. Do this one step at a time and don’t allow yourself to be dragged.

Spend the time and effort to train your poodle and you will be rewarded with a well behaved, delightful dog. Following these poodle training tips will also allow you to form a strong bond with a dog that makes a loyal friend and great companion.

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