Poodle Hair Styles

Poodle hair styles can be simple and casual or very specific, according to whether they are to be show dogs or not.

The coat of the poodle grows very fast and is easy to shape and clip.

Poodle hair styles For Show

Only one style of clip is allowed for show poodles. This is known as the lion clip and has four variations.  The standards for these styles are very exacting and must be adhered to exactly to avoid penalization in the ring.

  • Show puppy clip. The face, feet and tail base are closely shaved, whilst the remaining fur is shaped with scissors according to the dog’s body. The top knot is long enough to be pulled into a ponytail.
  • Continental Clip. The face is closely shaved, as are the front legs between the poms, the hind quarters, except for the hip rosettes, the feet and the base of the tail. The pack area and top knot are left very long and trimmed with scissors, with a pony tail on top. The poms and hip rosettes are shaped into rounds with scissors.
  • Modified continental clip. This is exactly the same as above, except that the hip rosettes are omitted.
  • English saddle clip. The face, neck, feet, tail base and front legs are closely shaved except for poms from the wrist to the feet and on the end of the tail. The hips and flanks are trimmed with scissors to form a smooth blanket except for the flank where a curved area is shaved. Each hind leg has a smooth shaved band. The remaining fur is left full and long but shaped with scissors.

Poodle Hair Styles

Popular Poodle Hair Styles

It has become quite fashionable of late to dress and style the poodle in a variety of clips. Here are just some of the many choices.

  • New Yorker clip. In this style a wide band around the belly is shaved close, as well as the face and neck area, feet and tail base. The rest of the fur is kept fluffy and scissored to the same length.
  • Pajama Dutch clip. This is similar to the New Yorker but the belly band is narrower and the fur on the head makes a point at the base of the neck at the back, plus the neck area is less exposed than with other clips.
  • Pitsburg Dutch clip. The face, neck, feet, tail base and belly band are shaved as before but an additional line is shaved along the spine between the withers. All the other fur is fluffy, including the top knot.
  • Retriever / kennel clip. Only the face, feet and the tail base are shaved. The rest of the fur is uniformly scissored short, except for the tail and top knot which are longer than the body hair.

The poodle’s fur is such that there are endless variations in styles. Poodle hair styles can be clipped, cropped and trimmed, as well as dyed and decorated to produce elegant and witty designs.

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