Poodle Grooming Advice

A poodle is one of those dogs that needs regular maintenance and poodle grooming advice is always the first place to start. Poodle fur grows very quickly, so it requires cutting  every six weeks or so.

Poodles undoubtedly look very elegant when they are professionally clipped and groomed. With a bit of time, effort and practice, however,  you can learn how to groom your poodle yourself. Even if you don’t intend to do the clipping, you will need to do maintenance grooming on a regular basis.

Poodle Grooming Advice – general tips

  • Brush daily. Even though a poodle does not appear to shed, they in fact do. The hair does not drop off though and gets tangled in the coat. Daily brushing is necessary to remove excess hair, as well as dirt, debris and parasites.
  • Inspection. Examine the condition of the coat and skin as you brush. This will give you the opportunity to pick up any skin conditions or injuries that need attention.
  • Nails. These need clipping back regularly, about once a week. Be very careful not to cut the quick by clipping the nails too short.
  • Which shampoo? If you are going to be doing the clipping yourself, be sure to use a mild shampoo first. The biggest mistake people make is not rinsing the coat thoroughly, which results in a dull, sticky coat.
  • Be gentle. Take your time when combing, brushing and washing. Above all, be gentle. Avoid getting water in the ears.

Poodle Grooming Advice

What you need

Have all your equipment ready in the bathroom or laundry area.

  • Dog clippers, nail clippers and grooming scissors. These must all be kept sharp to avoid damage and to make your job easier and quicker.
  • Cotton swabs. These are for cleaning the ears and around the eyes.
  • Hair dryer. There are quiet dryers available that are suitable for use on pets.
  • Shower hose. The snake type is especially useful for thorough, but gentle wetting.
  • Dog brushes and combs. A pin or slicker brush is good for fluffing out the coat and stimulates the circulation. A wire comb should be used in conjunction with a brush to target any matted fur. Corn starch worked into the mats first works wonders.
  • Styptic powder. Keep this on hand for taking care of any nicks and cuts.
  • Towel. Gently towel dry before using a dryer.

Poodle Grooming Advice for a Poodle Pup

It is best to keep the styling simple for a puppy. The choice of cut for a poodle depends on your needs, budget and lifestyle.

  • Training. It might be worth your while to do a dog grooming course if you intend to do the grooming yourself. In the long run it will save money and time to get instruction from a professional.
  • Puppy cut. This is an easy to maintain clip where the fur is kept to one length all over.

Keeping a poodle groomed is essential and the best poodle grooming advice would be, when in doubt, seek professional help.

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