Poodle Dog Information

If you have ever wondered why poodles are so popular or have decided to get one, you need some good poodle dog information. Read on to learn about this fascinating dog that has endeared itself to many.

To the uninitiated, the poodle might seem to be a flighty, pampered dog suitable only for little old ladies. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as poodles are an amazingly versatile breed.

Surprising Poodle Dog Information

Despite their silly haircuts, poodles are in fact very athletic, sturdy dogs with an interesting origin.

  • Uncertain origin. Poodles go back a long way but nobody knows for certain where they come from. Theories vary about their origin, such as Asia and Ancient Egypt. Wherever they came from, they eventually made their way to Germany and then France, where they have been adopted as the national dog.
  • Poodles were bred as water retrievers. Originally poodles were trained as gun dogs and water fowl retrievers.  They have water resistant fur, as well as webbed feet. Most poodles absolutely love water.
  • Poodle haircut not just for show. Although most modern poodles are groomed and clipped purely for fashion nowadays, the original poodle cut had a very practical purpose. The fur was clipped short in certain places for increased mobility in the water, and left long in others to protect joints and vital organs. Even the ribbon on top had a sensible function as a means of identification.
  • Circus performers. Poodles were once very popular with gypsies and other travelling performers because of their looks and intelligence. Poodles are easier to train than most other dogs and have incredible agility. They are naturally elegant too which makes them aesthetically pleasing.
  • Working life. Poodles have been used in all sorts of capacities from truffle hunting in Spain and England to guide dogs for the blind. They have also been used for search and rescue operations and as therapy dogs. Today in America there is a resurgence of hunting with poodles. Many people who are used to working with Labrador retrievers are amused and dismissive when someone arrives with a poodle. Once they see this dog in action however, their amusement turns to surprise and admiration.

Poodle Dog Information

Poodles as Pets

Any poodle dog information must include the fact that the character of the poodle makes it the perfect pet. It fits into a one person home or a family home with equal ease.

  • Great companions. Poodles love attention and company. They can bond with a single owner or with all the members of a family and will be protective and loving of everybody concerned.
  • Good watchdogs. Poodles are alert and steady. They will bark at strangers or the unfamiliar but they are not overly aggressive.

Poodle people look upon these animals as more human than dog because of their creative and intuitive natures. I hope this poodle dog information has changed the way you see these wonderful dogs and has persuaded you to go out and get one.

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