Hunting Poodles

Regal, elegant and gorgeous, hunting poodles do not look like the average retriever.

These dogs, however, are as at home in the field as they are in your living room.  Serious hunters tend to laugh when they see someone arrive at a hunt with a poodle – until they see one in action. The laughter soon turns to respect because the poodle can hold his own against any dog.

Poodles were originally bred as water retrievers because of their intelligence and trainability. They make excellent companions and wonderful house pets too, bringing the best of both worlds to their owners.

Why Hunting Poodles?

Poodles are the original working dogs. They can hunt, retrieve, herd and do guard duty. With excellent training abilities and all the characteristics of a good hunting dog, the poodle is a very versatile animal.

  • Rugged and strong. The poodle is a water dog with water resistant fur and a natural affinity for water if introduced to it when young. Despite their dainty looks, they are athletic, muscular and lean dogs. They make very good swimmers and have webbed feet much like labs have.
  • Energy and stamina. The poodle has a lot of drive and determination to get the job done. And the endurance to see it through to the end.
  • Enthusiastic and willing. These dogs are eager to please and have a bright, cheerful personality. Combined with their intelligence, these traits make them effective hunting dogs.
  • Team players. Poodles are good with other dogs and work well as members of a team.
  • Hunting temperament. Poodles have the perfect temperament for hunting. They are obedient, versatile and smart. They are alert and love to run and retrieve, whilst being steady and quiet when required to be.
  • Natural instincts. Many poodles have retained their inbred hunting instincts and birdiness which is what they were primarily valued for and what they thrive on using.
  • Canny. Hunting poodles that bond thoroughly with their masters have been known to perform so well when out in the field that they seem to be able to read minds.

Hunting Poodles

Happy Converts

Many people are taken aback at the mere thought of hunting poodles. The common misconception that they are fragile and finicky is soon dispelled though and there are a number of hunters who have taken to the poodle as the perfect hunting companion.

  • All-rounder. The poodle is good with both water fowl and as an upland flusher and retriever. He can be used from a boat, a shore blind, a field blind and in jump-shooting.
  • Perfect house dog. The poodle needs to be kept indoors but as he does not really shed and is calm and obedient, he is the best house guest. He is also protective and bonds well with his human keepers.
  • Needs variety. Poodles can be mischievous and bore easily with repetitive routines. They are creative and intelligent dogs that need variety and stimulation, as well as vigorous exercise.

Hunting poodles make wonderful pets, great companions and working dogs. Who could ask for more?

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