How to Stop Poodle Barking

Do you need to learn how to stop poodle barking? Great, you have come to the right place. First, we will discuss why dogs bark and then we will look at ways to get them to stop.

Every dog likes to bark. It is their way of communicating with the world. The problem is that in some dogs incessant barking becomes an annoying habit that spoils an otherwise lovely dog.

How to Stop Poodle Barking By Looking At the Cause

Barking is a natural instinct, but constant yapping is not. Careful observation of your dog will reveal the reasons for barking.

  • Lack of exercise. A tired dog that has just had a good run is generally a happy dog. Poodles are athletic animals and need a certain amount of physical activity. They were originally bred as working dogs and still have some of those instincts.
  • Boredom. Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs. Not only do they need physical exercise but mental stimulation too. Assess whether your dog is barking out of sheer frustration because he has no outlet for his energy and creativity.
  • Leadership confusion. Poodles may be extremely intelligent dogs but they are still dogs and not humans. They have the same pack instinct as other dogs and need to know where they belong in the pecking order. Is your poodle barking in an attempt to keep you in line? Is it a form of aggression? The answers to these questions might help you discover how to stop poodle barking.
  • Bad habit. How do you respond every time your dog barks? If you give him attention every time he barks you may be reinforcing bad behaviour by rewarding it, which achieves exactly the opposite of what you want it to do.

How to Stop Poodle Barking

Barking Solutions

For every problem there is a solution, if you are willing to look for it. The trick is to change whatever you have been doing in the past and try something new.

  • Get some exercise. If lack of exercise is the problem, get out in the fresh air with your pooch and have some fun. It will be good for the dog and good for you. Go to the park, go to the beach, play fetch or take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Alternatively, pay a dog walker.
  • Stimulation. Poodles like to learn new things so read up on some new training techniques or enrol in obedience classes. This will give you some ideas for variety and show you what your poodle is capable of.
  • Learn new habits. If your dog is barking in response to you, to break his bad habit, you need to break your bad habit too.
  • Become top dog. Your dog needs to learn to respect you. You must eat first, go out the door first and your word must be law.

Figuring out how to stop poodle barking is really a lesson in dog psychology and involves changing your behavior as much as changing the dog’s behavior.

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