About Poodle Potty Training

If you have ever wanted to find out more about poodle potty training, you are in luck. Here you will find the fastest and easiest ways to do it.

Thankfully, poodles are very smart dogs and are relatively easy to house train compared to most other breeds.

About Poodle Potty Training the Right Way

By far the best method to achieve potty training success is with a crate. This method makes your life easier, with less stress and mess. It allows you to get on with things, secure in the knowledge that your dog is safe.

  • Why crate? Crates are the equivalent of a den to a dog. Far from being a prison, they can be a source of safety and comfort. The reason they are useful for potty training is that dogs do not like to soil in the same place that they sleep. This, plus good timing, is the secret to potty training with a crate.
  • Crate comfort. It’s a good idea to get your puppy to associate the crate with good things because he will need to stay in the crate when you cannot keep an eye on him. Introduce it slowly by letting your puppy wander in and out with the door open at first. Then close the door with puppy inside the crate for a few minutes at a time. Soon he will be happy to spend time in the crate.
  • Schedule potty breaks. Dogs, much like small children, thrive on a predictable routine. Schedule potty breaks for first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after every nap and meal. Very small puppies need to be taken out for potty breaks hourly, in addition to those times. Gradually extend this time as your puppy’s bladder matures.
  • Crate size. To save you having to buy multiple crates of different sizes over the life time of your poodle, rather just buy one big enough to accommodate a full size dog. To begin with though, cordon off an area in the crate that is just big enough for your poodle puppy to stand up and turn around in.
  • Pay attention to cues. If you are watchful, you will soon pick up when your puppy needs to relieve himself. Most dogs start sniffing and circling or whining. This is your cue to act, and act fast.
  • Patience. This is one of the most important things to remember about poodle potty training. Don’t forget that a puppy is just a baby and cannot develop full bladder control until about 6 months for a small dog like a toy poodle and more for a big dog like a standard poodle.

About Poodle Potty Training

More about Poodle Potty Training

Don’t forget the following tips:

  • Consistency. Have one spot where your poodle pup can go potty.
  • Praise. Every time he performs, be lavish with praise.
  • Accidents happen. If there is an accident inside the house because you weren’t paying attention, don’t make a fuss, just make sure you clean it up right away.

If you follow these guidelines about poodle potty training, and apply them with consistency and patience, you should have a well-trained dog in no time at all.